Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Particle Scattering and Absorption Properties: Fundamentals, Measurements and Applications

The second Maniac Talk was given by Vanderlei Martins On Friday October 28, 2011, an Associate Professor at UMBC and an expert on the measurement of the properties of atmospheric aerosol particles.

Vanderlei gave a good overview of the jargon used to describe the scattering and absorption properties of aerosol particles, and described the different spectral radiative behaviours of various important aerosol types, such as black carbon and dust, and mixtures. He then described current and forthcoming techniques for the measurement of such properties, such as the scattering phase matrix and absorption coefficient, in situ. As many of us are involved in remote sensing work which requires assumptions about the radiative properties of aerosol particles, these in situ measurements are a vital source of such constraints. Vanderlei did an excellent job at connecting these two worlds.  (Andy)

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