Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Satellite Observations - the Touchstone of Atmospheric Modeling

Anne Douglass (Code 614, Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Laboratory) gave a Maniac Talk on March 27th titled “Satellite Observations - the Touchstone of Atmospheric Modeling”:  “I came to GSFC (Atmospheric chemistry and dynamics branch) in 1981 following a lengthy graduate school career that featured two universities, experimental work, development of a primitive atmospheric model and a growing family.  The maze I call my scientific career is filled with unexpected twists and turns and even a few blind alleys, but most of the time satellite measurements of ozone and other trace gases have been my touchstone (metaphor - means of establishing the relative merits of a concept).  This talk will feature examples that show how modeling grounded by observations continues to advance.”

Also, GESTAR congratulates Anne Douglass as the recipient of the 2013 William Nordberg Memorial Award for Earth Science, GSFC's highest award in the area of Earth science. This prize is in recognition of Anne's many years of leadership of satellite missions studying atmospheric composition, and her pioneering work in using measurements to test models.

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