Thursday, February 27, 2014

From studies of solubility and divers breathing helium, to DOGS, then NCAR and NASA

Dr. Peter Hildebrand: "How did I get to where I now find myself? Holy Cow! It has been an eventful path, with role models, mentors, a few fumbles, and a lot of love for the study of Mother Nature. At Chicago, learning about how a bubble chamber works; seeing Sputnick go overhead on that first day; learning about the course for crazies: weather modification, which then spurred me on to "dig and discover". Realizing we could actually build the most advanced weather radar ... perhaps ever ... and then doing it. And finally coming to participate in the penultimate set of space observations of Earth. What a ride! What is next?"
Dr. Peter Hildebrand, Director, Earth Sciences Division, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

(GESTAR thanks Dr. Hildebrand for taking the time to deliver his Maniac Talk prior to his retirement, which is effective Feb. 28, 2014.)  

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