Friday, February 26, 2016

Journey from Chemistry to (who would have thought it) Meteorology

Dr. Joel Susskind: "This talk describes the twists and turns of my professional career, starting as a young child who loved to mix household chemicals together and wanting to become a chemist, and continuing through my current 38 years as a Civil Servant at GSFC doing meteorological research. This path included getting AB and PhD degrees in Chemistry, being a Post-Doc doing molecular Quantum Mechanics research first in a Chemistry Department at one University, and later in a Physics Department at another University. I completed that position having no employment prospects whatsoever, after having unsuccessfully applied for many Academic positions. A combination of unlikely events brought me to GISS in New York, still without a job, and led me to obtain another Post Doc position at GISS, again doing research in molecular Quantum Mechanics. This position naturally flowed into where I am now. I will take the opportunity of this talk to also briefly show some of what I consider to be exciting meteorological results I, and my research group here at Goddard, have been getting lately."

Dr. Joel Susskind, NASA/GSFC, Earth Sciences Division

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Stories Data Tell

Dr. Ralph Kahn: "Separating causality from coincidence can be the linchpin of understanding, and at times can help identify prerogatives or highlight the path toward the better options. Yet making this distinction is frequently a challenge for me, and I think often for others as well, especially those of us currently engaged in studying and explaining aspects of Earth’s climate system. At an early age, I found that data can help address this challenge, providing evidence one way or the other — sometimes. I will share experiences, professional and personal, and at the intersection of the two, where the difference seemed to matter. In some cases the data offered at least a partial resolution. In others, not so much."

Dr. Ralph Kahn, Climate and Radiation Laboratory, NASA/GSFC