Friday, February 26, 2016

Journey from Chemistry to (who would have thought it) Meteorology

Dr. Joel Susskind: "This talk describes the twists and turns of my professional career, starting as a young child who loved to mix household chemicals together and wanting to become a chemist, and continuing through my current 38 years as a Civil Servant at GSFC doing meteorological research. This path included getting AB and PhD degrees in Chemistry, being a Post-Doc doing molecular Quantum Mechanics research first in a Chemistry Department at one University, and later in a Physics Department at another University. I completed that position having no employment prospects whatsoever, after having unsuccessfully applied for many Academic positions. A combination of unlikely events brought me to GISS in New York, still without a job, and led me to obtain another Post Doc position at GISS, again doing research in molecular Quantum Mechanics. This position naturally flowed into where I am now. I will take the opportunity of this talk to also briefly show some of what I consider to be exciting meteorological results I, and my research group here at Goddard, have been getting lately."

Dr. Joel Susskind, NASA/GSFC, Earth Sciences Division

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